The Not Too Seriously series is about comically absurd predicaments, and life cooperates readily—because something always turns up wrong somewhere. Taking Life Not Too Seriously, the first book in the series, is a quick read of one-page “slice of life” stories, all illustrated with little mouse drawings. Stories and drawings are sure to give the reader lots of comfy chuckles.

And of course, there is Hugh Mouse (a.k.a. Thorn-in-the-Side), who more than gladly adds his two-cents to the stories.

Maggie’s easy tone of writing carries the reader safely through awkward situations, mishaps, foibles, and screw-ups—all in goodhearted fun, of course. You are invited simply to enjoy the book whenever you need a little laugh and to take it Not Too Seriously.

Note from the author: As I lingered over particular stories, admittedly cackling over the memories, that mischievous little mouse (my alter ego) hopped on my shoulder and whispered rudely into my ear: “Cut the baloney and get on with it, for Pete’s sake!” I retorted, “If you want to write it, go for it, Mouse!” It’s surprising how often he took me up on that. Do you think maybe I should buy a mouse cage?


Maggie gathered fodder for her Hugh Mouse stories while living in New York, Wisconsin, Missouri, Virginia, South Carolina, and several towns in her beloved North Carolina. She wrote poems while raising two children with her husband as he followed his career.

While in Wisconsin, she wrote for a local newspaper not unlike the one she grew up in back at home run by her father and later by her mother. Her life has given her plenty of grist for her story mill!

Maggie developed an art career that lasted for several years and won her some awards. Then she decided to quit stressing out over selling paintings and just to paint for fun. She still squeezes in a little painting when she isn’t busy writing. Which is almost never.


A wonderful collection of vignettes from Maggie and her alter ego, Hugh Mouse. They capture the laugh-out-loud humor in everyday life at home and out on the town.

Beth Bruno – author of Wild Tulips

Everyone needs a Hugh Mouse tale to brighten the day, lighten the spirit, and provide a whimsical point of view for dealing with life's little challenges.

Jean Partin – avid Hugh Mouse reader

Author Maggie Clark has done a wonderful job of creating an alter ego character named Hugh Mouse. He is a sharped tongue, witty, smart observer of human nature. A delightful read and a character you want to get to know.

Leigh Ballance – author of The Secret of Gum Swamp

Maggie Clark’s Hugh Mouse stories offer both humor and sneaky truths about life. With her quick wit and twists peppered here and there, Clark has a relatable and charming character in Hugh.

Suzanne Crain Miller – author of Queen, The Selections, and Wage


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