Maggie Clark

Author of Taking Life Not Too Seriously


Maggie Clark’s life began in Kenansville, NC, at a time when the population was a booming five hundred people, give or take a few. Her parents owned the Duplin Times weekly newspaper, where she and her dog Happy hung out.

She adored her big sister, who taught her how to tie her shoes and who sat on her and tickled her mercilessly. When she got a little older, she learned valuable work ethics working at the newspaper office with her mother.

After graduating from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC, she married and went to work as a secretary. She wrote about funny incidents that happened at work. She ate a lot of hot dogs, too.

Then she had her first bouncing baby (a girl!) and became a stay-at-home mom. She wrote poems constantly as an outlet for her emotions of love, frustration, and confusion.

In Green Lake, Wisconsin, Maggie discovered that she could make people laugh whenever she put pencil to paper. While writing a personal column for a weekly newspaper there, she gained a broad audience who looked forward to reading whatever she came up with each week.

When she left Wisconsin, she no longer wrote for the newspaper, but she continued writing stories at home, illustrating them with the little mouse she had created in Wisconsin.

In fact, she became more prolific with her journaling and writing behind the scenes than ever before. It is no surprise that a collection of illustrated stories has emerged with her own style.

Maggie’s greatest joys in life are God, two wonderful children, two wonderful children-in-law, two wonderful grandchildren, a wonderful sister and a wonderful new fella! Yes, life is …wonderful!

She wants you to know that her writing style was on the flip side for this bio.

BTW, friends, you should know that I don’t write just Hugh Mouse stories, and I don’t always write in the same writing style, either. I write sad poems, happy poems, angry poems, non-rhyming and rhyming poems. I write to self-diagnose. I write To-Do lists. I write with magic markers, only not on the wall. I write letters. Yes, yes, more Hugh Mouse stories are coming as well!

Hugh’s Story

The big factor that makes Maggie’s stories intriguing is Hugh Mouse. Maggie can’t keep herself from drawing her little mouse on notebooks, letters, and table cloths in restaurants. By illustrating her books with simple ink drawings, she has introduced a unique creature to the world. Within the body of a lively, make-believe mouse, a mischievous little personality has emerged with his own brand of sarcasm.

When Maggie observes life’s craziness, Hugh comes to life. She is able to embed an easily recognizable facial expression into Hugh. His body language tells us exactly what he is thinking as he helplessly watches somebody slip on a banana peel. We feel him struggling not to laugh, and we can almost hear the off-the-wall comments he is working so hard at holding back. All this from two or three strokes of the ink pen. “Oh, he’s just a little mouse,” she says innocently. But the reader knows better. Hugh is a presence to be reckoned with.

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God gave us a sense of humor because He took one look at what He had created and said, “This is going to be pretty stressful.”